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Basketball Hoop Buyers Guide

Buying a Basketball Hoop for your home can be an intimidating process. There are five key elements you should consider before purchasing you basketball goal:

In order to have a home basketball system, you need to make sure you have sufficient space. There is no specified required space to setup a basketball hoop but make sure you have the space to meet your needs. A paved level surface is an ideal start. Remember to check any HOA rules or regulations as well as city ordinances.

Type of Hoop
There are three types of goal systems for home use:
    1. Wall Mount
    2. In-Groud
    3. Portable

Wall Mount
Wall Mount hoops are attached to a wall. These types of goals do not have poles.

In-Ground hoops are fixed into the ground. Concrete is typically used to position the pole into the ground.

Portable hoops for home use typically have a plastic base to them that can be waited with things like sand. On one end of the base there will be wheels so that the unit can be moved around to the desired location.

Backboard Material
There are multiple types of backboards. Some of the most popular materials are:
    1. Graphite - kids and beginners
    2. Polyethylene - kids and beginners
    3. Acylic - intermediate
    4. Tempered Glass - advanced

Backboard Size
Backboards typically run in 44", 48", 54", 60" and 72". Obviously the larger the backboard the great the cost. The most popular sizes for home basketball hoops are 54" and 60". Both the 44" and 48" backboards are more for kids, beginners and areas with limited space. The 72" backboard is a regulation size for the serious player to practice at home.

Fixed or Adjustable
Basketball hoops come either fixed or adjustable. What does this mean. A fixed hoop will be set at one height and it will not move. On the other hand, adjustable hoops give the players flexibility for the set goal height. Most adjustable goals can fluctuate from 7' to 10' tall (please check specific product details). The advantage of having an adjustable hoop is significant with younger players. Each adjustable hoop has some sort of mechanism that will allow you to raise or lower the goal.