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Goalsetter Basketball Hoops

Basketball Hoops Now is excited to carry Goalsetter brand basketball hoops! Why our enthusiasm? Quite simply they make some of best hoops in basketball. We are going to explore what makes Goalsetter a great choice for you and your family.

Back in 1991 they were among the first to envision an adjustable, regulation size hoop. With hard work and passion they were the first to achieve it with the MVP. Why is an adjustable regulation size hoop so important? Goalsetter believes that by being able to adjust the height that younger players will be able to properly learn genuine skills and experience the joy of success in making a basket. As they grow you can adjust and they can improve their skills with confidence! So whether your ball player is tall, short, young ,old, a beginner or an expert a Goalsetter hoop is the perfect fit! How about durability? Goalsetter hoops are made to last. Manufactured in Iowa by Co-Line Manufacturing who are leaders in welding and much more...including 3D laser cutting, metal stamping, robotics, machining, tool & die and more. Goalsetter is dedicated to the quality and safety of their hoops.
Here are some of the key features that make Goalsetter such a trusted brand.

Patented Hinged Ground Anchor System

  • Unsurpassed ease and safety for installation — yet the most rock-solid foundation for a basketball hoop
  • Two or three people can easily assemble the basketball system. The extension arms and backboards are attached to the pole without the use of ladders or a scaffold
  • With the Goalsetter 42" ground anchor, a larger volume of surface area is submerged than with competitors' j-bolt anchor systems. A more solid foundation is created
  • Should you move, your Goalsetter system can move with you. The system is simply removed and re-installed on a new hinged ground anchor

  • Responsive, Durable Backboards

  • 3/8” Fully-tempered glass, same as used in high school, college, and NBA competition
  • 3/8” Acrylic available
  • Proven H-Frame design gives a precise and consistent ball response across 100% of the board
  • Full perimeter, 1 ½” Structural steel frame gives 360 degrees of board strength

  • Exclusive, Off-Set Pole

  • Original, exclusive Goalsetter pole design.
  • 7-gauge structural steel (3/16” wall thickness) For all Goalsetter pole sizes
  • Design permits an internal height adjustment mechanism Extending lifetime of components and increases safety
  • Provides a counter balance to transfer weight, torque, and thrust
  • Reduces shake and vibration

  • Compression Height Adjustment Mechanism

  • Concealed inside the offset pole
  • Exclusive design for the Signature Series hoops
  • Easily adjustable by elementary-age children
  • Crank handle located at 3ft (Door knob height)
  • Built-in Safety, Pinch and grab points are eliminated
  • Compression means the board is “At Rest” when at desired rim height
  • Results in less wear and tear on mechanism
  • Adjustment operation is smooth and easy

  • Rim Height Adjustment Range

  • 6ft to 10ft range of adjustment

  • Die-Formed Extension Arms

  • Die-formed extension arms reduce shake and vibration
  • Up to the full, four feet of regulation play under the board, depending on the hoop system selected
  • Durable, for years of aggressive play

  • Toughest Rims

  • HD Breakaway Rim - Requested on majority of residential hoop systems shipped
  • Collegiate Breakaway Rim - Meets or exceeds the standards for high school and NCAA competition
  • Double Ring Static Rim - Recommended for institutional and commercial use

  • Superior Corrosion Resistance

  • Goalsetter hoops are painted with one (1) coat primer and two (2) coats of baked-on acrylic enamel
  • Creates a “car like”, rugged finish that withstands the elements and resists flaking
  • Magni 577, corrosion resistant coating used on hardware
  • Nylon bushings used at pivot points to prevent rusting caused by steel on steel rubbing